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History of Logic from Aristotle to Gödel by Raul Corazzon | e-mail: rc@ontology.co


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The Organon

General Introduction

General Works and Bibliographies on the History of Logic

The Logical Works of Aristotle

Aristotle's Logic: General Survey and Introductory Readings

Selected Bibliography on the Logic of Aristotle: General and Introductory Readings

Aristotle's Earlier Dialectic: the Topics and Sophistical Refutations

Aristotle's De Interpretatione: Semantics and Philosophy of Language

Annotated bibliography on Aristotle's De Interpretatione (Peri Hermeneias)

Aristotle's Prior Analytics: the Theory of Categorical Syllogism

Selected Bibliography on Aristotle's Theory of Categorical Syllogism

Aristotle's Prior Analytics: the Theory of Modal Syllogism

Selected Bibliography on Aristotle's Theory of Modal Syllogism

Aristotle's Posterior Analytics: The Theory of Demonstration

Selected Bibliography on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics

On the website "Theory and History of Ontology"

Aristotle: Bibliographical Resources on His Logical and Metaphysical Works

Semantics and Ontological Analysis in Aristotle's Categories

Categories A - J

Categories K - Z